1.What is the Richter Scale?
a) Instrument used to measure hurricanes.
b) Used to measure the length of the earthquake.
c) A tool used to predict the weather.
d) A scale used that assigns a single number to measure the earthquake and tell us how much energy was released.
e) Scale used to tell us the intensity of the earthquake.

2. Which natural disaster can be caused as a result from an earthquake that occured in the ocean?
a) Tornado
b) hurricane
c) tsunami
d) dust devil
e) thunderstorm

3. Where is a earthquake most likely to happen?
a) In my house
b) Strike slip plate boundary, at a fault
c) Near mountains
d) In the forest
e) Divergent plate boundary in the ocean

4. In which country did the largest earthquake take place?
a) Chile
b) United States
c) Mexico
d) Australia
e) China

5. Who was the first scientist to accurately predict an earthquake?
a) Earthquakes are unpredictable.
b) Mussolini
c) Einstein
d) Darwin
e) Bill Nye