Seismograph- written graph of recorded waves of the earthquake from the seismometer.
Seismometer- Instrument used to measure earthquakes
Tremor- AKA "earthquake"
Faults- A fracture in the earths crust in which rock has moved from tectonic plates, where most earthquakes will occur.
Tectonic plates-pieces of the earths crust that are in motion and cause earthquakes.
Richter Scale- A scale used that assigns a single number to measure the earthquake and tell us how much energy was released.
Modified Mercalli Scale- Measures the intensity of the earthquake depending on the damage it has done.
Tsunami-Caused when a earthquake happens in the ocean, and it is a huge water wave that hits land after a huge earthquake in the ocean.
Strike Slip plate boundary- where most earthquakes occur.
Stress- Tension produced from the plates not moving and being pushed towards each other or grinding next to each other.